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Akane's Fanart Page


A few bishounen (and biseinen) fanarts (and HP fanfics) I couldn't put on any of my other sites...
Some of them are yaoi, but nothing lemon here (just shounen-ai), except for some of the HP fics.



Rurouni Kenshin fanart
(Saitou, Sano, Okita, Souzou)


Misc Anime/Manga fanart
(Zelda, Zenki, Fushigi Yuugi, Slam Dunk)


           Harry Potter fanart (fanfics & wallpapers, too)
(Harry, Snape, Hedwig, Sirius/Snuffles, Ron, Hermione)


Movies fanart
(Pirates of the Caribbean)


Links to my other fanart sites
(DragonBall [yaoi], Final Fantasy, Soul Reaver, Star wars)


Adopt a chibi
From Rurouni Kenshin: Saitou, Sanosuke, Kenshin, Okita, Hiko. From Wild Half: Salsa. From Harry Potter: Harry.



- Last update: November 11, 2005 -



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If you have comments or questions don't hesitate to send me an e-mail (with "fanart" in the subject, as I have a few other sites).
Just one thing: due to a serious lack of time, I'm not accepting requests. Sorry.



Though the characters are not mine, the drawings are. Don't use any of them without asking me first.

Saitou and Okita belong(ed) to themselves as real people, but their manga selves and Sanosuke are © Watsuki Nobuhiro.
Link is © Nintendo.
Zenki is © Kuroiwa Yoshihiro.
Hotohori is © Watase Yuu.
Hanamichi and Rukawa are © Inoue Takehiko.
Harry Potter universe characters are © J. K. Rowling.
Jack Sparrow & Pirates of the Caribbean are © Walt Disney Pictures.

  On-line since June 15, 2002.

   Akane, 2002 - 2005





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